Vaser Liposuction

Firstly, Vaser Liposuction (Vaser Lipo) is a less invasive liposuction and body contouring procedure that uses ultrasound technology to break up fat cells. It creates less damage to surrounding tissue than traditional liposuction. Therefore, this technique is quite different from traditional liposuction.

Secondly, In Vaser Lipo Surgery, the incisions are relatively small. A cannula is inserted through these small incisions to remove unwanted fat cells. This advanced technique provides shorter recovery time, less side effects: swelling and bruising, more contouring and definition in targeted areas. Vaser Lipo will be ideal if the patient is close to ideal body weight but is struggling with stubborn fat in different parts of his body.

Benefits of Vaser Liposuction

Men and women are now getting more Vaser Lipo Surgery every year to reach their ideal figure. Results are immediately noticeable and will improve over time as the body heals. Other benefits of this operation are skin tightening, which helps to maximize body contouring. Moreover Vaser Liposuction can be performed on almost any part of the body.

Consultation by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will help you see how many areas can be included in Vaser Liposuction Surgery to achieve the desired results. After the procedure, it is recommended that you wear a compression garment for 4-6 weeks to help your body reabsorb the fluid. Therefore, post-operative swelling may last much longer than necessary. Compression helps your skin contract into its new contours. Fat cells do not multiply but they grow more when body weight increases.
In other words, once the fat cells are removed, the number of cells in the body will not increase over time. Except for excessive weight gain, your body shape will not be deformed again. After the surgery results are permanent when done correctly by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.