Breast Surgery

Breast Implant, also known as Breast Augmentation Surgery has been one of the most popular surgeries for decades. Number of patients who are getting Breast Implants is getting higher each year. After having your consultation with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, you will be informed about what shape, size, surface texture, placement of the implant, and the incision site would be the best for your specific case. In some cases, Breast Uplift is combined with Breast Implants for better results. Also, implants can be placed under or over the muscle depending on the case. If the patient has not enough breast tissue, under the muscle technique will be ideal for implants to be not seen or felt. So if the patient has large amount of breast tissue, then it can be placed over the muscle to prevent drooping.

Unfortunately, exercising doesn’t help with the loss of volume or the sagging skin of the breasts. Also exercising doesn’t make the breasts bigger than already are. Even though Breast Implants will not be life long but the results can be long lasting up to 20 years. It’s also good to know that, Breast Implant Surgery can be really fast which means less time spent under general anesthesia. The incisions are relatively small and usually placed under the breasts. After a week of recovery time, you will be back to your daily life as usual. When the Implants are first placed, they will be sitting a bit higher up on the chest. The swelling will be seen for the first month and it’ll go away in time. The implants will lower to the natural position of the breast with the weight of the implants. And the patient will have a more natural result at the full recovery. At the end, Breast Augmentation brings a lot of confidence to the patients.