Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is getting more popular among men each year as well as women who also interested in this procedure. This is extraction of hair follicles from the donor area (back of the head) and transplantation to the receding areas of the scalp.

Many people suffer from hair loss due to genetics, aging and life style such as diet, stress and medication. Hair Transplant Procedure is done under local anesthesia and lasts around 4-6 hours. Success rate of Hair Transplant procedure is high when it’s followed by a proper after care and the patient is a good candidate for the procedure to begin with.
The skill of the surgeon and their team is also a big factor for the results. If done properly, the results will be outstanding and can change one’s appearance and confidence.

One of the major benefits of Hair Transplant is that the implanted grafts are permanent.
Since the grafts from the back of the head (donor area) genetically not effected by hair loss. When the grafts implanted to the receding areas, the tissue of the graft will not be changed. Hence, the grafts will be permanent.

The procedure’s healing time is rather fast and the patient can be back to their daily life after 2-3 days. The aftercare however takes a bit more attention and care.
Medications and aftercare products are given for the optimal best results. After one month post-op, the hair of the implanted grafts will fall out and start to regrow.

Which means that you will be able to see the results coming in after one month. But the hair will be getting stronger in time as the given time for full results come after one year post operation. And a well done Hair Transplant will give natural looking result. Especially the hair line is the part that shows if the transplant is done well.