Rhinoplasty, mostly known as Nose Job is one of the life changing plastic surgeries and has been performed by plastic surgeons for over a century. Rhinoplasty surgery techniques have been improving each year. It’s one of the most requested surgeries and Rhinoplasty also can improve a patient’s quality of life.

Why do we need rhinoplasty operation?

Breathing issues is one of the problems that can be solved by a Nose Surgery. There can be many underlying reasons for the breathing problem. Such as, deviated septum. Many patients live their lives without realizing their septum being deviated and once they get a Rhinoplasty Surgery, their breathing gets improved. Another reason can be a traumatic deformities. This truly effects the patient’s mental health and their well being. And a Nose Job can improve the look of the deformities. Of course Rhinoplasty can be performed because of aesthetic reasons. One’s appearance can effect their self esteem. It doesn’t have to be health related to have a Nose Surgery. Since a nose that compliments your facial futures and blends with you face will make you feel confident. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon would help you to understand what can be improved health and aesthetic wise.

It is relatively a short operation and the healing time is a lot easier since it’s done by more advanced techniques. The size of the nose can be smaller, the shape of the nostrils can be changed and the tip and bridge can be reduced in this an hour and a half long surgery. A qualified Plastic Surgeon would understand the difference between a man’s and a woman’s face and give the most natural looking results. A well done Rhinoplasty Surgery will give a long lasting desired results.

The healing time of Rhinoplasty Surgery is longer than the other type of Plastic Surgeries. The estimated healing time is one year because the swelling takes longer to disappear but you will be seeing the results after one month post operation.