Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Purposes of Processing Personal Data

Personal data processed within Eurasia Consultancy can be processed for the following purposes by taking technical and administrative measures in a limited and measured manner regarding data security:
* Execution of emergency management processes,
* Execution of information security processes of our consultancy office,
* Fulfilling the obligations arising from employment contracts and legislation for our employees,
* Execution of fringe benefits and benefits processes for our employees,
* Fulfilling our legal obligations, especially conducting audit and ethical activities arising from other legislation,
* Carrying out training activities for the employees of our consultancy office,
* Conducting our activities in accordance with the legislation,
* Execution of finance and accounting works,
* Follow-up and execution of legal affairs,
* Execution of communication activities,
* Execution of occupational health and safety activities,
* Receiving and evaluating suggestions for improvement of business processes,
* Carrying out activities to ensure business continuity,
* Organization and event management,
* Execution of performance evaluation processes,
* Execution of storage and archiving activities,
* Full and complete performance of our contractual obligations,
* Execution of strategic planning activities
* Ensuring the security of movable property and resources,
* Execution of wage policy,
* Providing information to authorized persons, institutions and organizations,
* Execution of management activities,

Sharing of Personal Data
Personal data processed within Eurasia Consultancy can be transferred to the following individuals and institutions in order to achieve the purposes of processing personal data:
* All kinds of government institutions and organizations, banks, real persons and legal entities, especially hospitals, doctors and logistics companies, in order to carry out our consultancy activities and services,
* To our suppliers, banks, tax offices and other public institutions and organizations related to the supervision of payment processes for the purpose of realizing our payment processes, carrying out banking and financial transactions,
* To the judicial organs, judicial authorities, security forces and other legally authorized public institutions and organizations in line with the demands of various public institutions and organizations,
* To insurance companies and banks in order to carry out insurance and private pension processes,
* To the software companies and our suppliers operating in this field and the company from which cloud service is provided, due to the operating systems, computer programs, software, cloud service and their maintenance and repair that we use within our consultancy office,
* Third parties requesting a reference based on a valid legal reason,
* To third parties, who are cited by him as a reference for the purpose of determining the competence of the personnel, candidate or business partner,
* To the company from which cloud service is obtained for the storage and backup of information and documents within our consultancy office.
* To the company and trainer from whom training services are provided in order to carry out the training activities for the employees in our consultancy office.

Method and Legal Reason for Personal Data Collection
Personal data within the Counseling Office; Observing the data processing conditions stipulated in the GDPR, it is collected through all kinds of verbal, written or electronic media, especially the following methods:
* Social media apps
* Applications and interviews made to our consultancy office by hand, by phone, by mail or electronically
* Contracts and offers
* Face to face interviews
* Information from our business and solution partners
* Persons specified as references by the person
* Information given by our patient/customer
* Official letters from public institutions and organizations

Storage and Disposal of Personal Data
Personal data within the body of the consultancy office are kept in a proportional time and manner for data processing purposes. In the preservation of personal data, the purpose of processing personal data, legal retention and statute of limitations are taken into account. In the event that the purpose of data processing disappears or the legal retention and statute of limitations expire, the personal data in our law firm are destroyed. Deletion, destruction or anonymization are used as methods of destruction.